​Future Ready: Three Cs of managing travel in 2020

Blog posts   •   Dec 06, 2019 14:16 GMT

Air, hotel and ground predictions for 2020 come with ​global uncertainties. Between the climate crisis, Brexit and trading disputes, the outlook is foggy to say the least. But challenges, they say, aren’t stop signs. They are guidelines. Here are three Cs to consider when managing travel in 2020.

Unclear and Present Danger: How organizations are responding to safety needs of women and specific employee populations

Blog posts   •   Dec 05, 2019 14:19 GMT

​It was nearly 15 years ago, and Anne Bridgman was about to embark on her first solo trip to the West African country of Angola as a young executive for a major oil and gas company. Angola had just announced national elections in late 2006, after 27 years of civil war.

CWT Meetings & Events announces the appointment of divisional leaders for new global operating model

Press releases   •   Dec 03, 2019 12:00 GMT

CWT Meetings & Events (M&E), the global meetings and events division of CWT (the B2B4E travel management platform), announces the restructuring of its leadership team under Derek Sharp, with six global positions to match and deliver its new global operating model for customers.

Energy Source: How to prioritize well-being in some of the most challenging work environments

Blog posts   •   Nov 29, 2019 14:26 GMT

​A ​report by CWT Energy, Resources and Marine (ERM) reveals that 52% of C-suite and senior executives say their organizations have traveler health and safety programs in place. While only 32% say their organizations measure and report on the impact of traveler well-being. It's clear there's progress to be made.

​Head Start: How to finish the year strong

Blog posts   •   Nov 28, 2019 11:07 GMT

All’s well that ends well. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. Glory awaits you at the finish line; When facing the final month of the year, these old sayings aren’t always helpful. Some of us feel less like an Olympic sprinter and more like we’ve hit a runner’s wall.

One Direction: 3 ways to build company culture

Blog posts   •   Nov 22, 2019 12:05 GMT

​It’s the final day of Culture Week at CWT. There have been lunches and learning sessions, community service and constant activity on our internal network ranging from a diversity and inclusion charter to votes for carbon-offsetting projects.

​Only Half of Global Leaders in the Oil and Gas Sector Say Their Companies Have Traveler Health and Safety Programs in Place

Press releases   •   Nov 20, 2019 21:30 GMT

​CWT, the B2B4E travel management platform, and its Energy, Resources and Marine (ERM) division, found through independent research that only 52% of C-suite and senior executives say their organizations have traveler health and safety programs in place. While only 32% say their organizations measure and report on the impact of traveler well-being, according to CWT ERM’s annual report.

​Come as You Are: Why diversity matters

Blog posts   •   Nov 20, 2019 09:54 GMT

Imagine a world where there is no place for individuality. Everybody looks the same and has the same thoughts and beliefs. Scary, right? Fortunately, the cultural diversity of our world prevents this dreadful scenario becoming real and it is a driving force of financial, intellectual, emotional, moral, and spiritual development.

​People First: Can you get more value from your travel spend by putting employees first?

Blog posts   •   Nov 15, 2019 15:39 GMT

A move away from seeing return-on-investment from a savings and compliance perspective, towards understanding the value that employees bring, is emerging more often. Savvy companies are putting their employees well-being at the core of their travel program

​Mission Possible: 5 ways to prepare for an important work trip

Blog posts   •   Nov 14, 2019 11:53 GMT

Next week, from 19 - 21 November, companies from around the world will gather in Munich at Europe’s largest business travel event. The GBTA Conference 2019 is an opportunity for organizations to showcase their latest products and services, share their insights, and get in touch with colleagues, suppliers, clients, and prospects.

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