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​The Wait List – 5 routes to travel zen

Blog post   •   May 02, 2018 08:53 GMT

I was recently approached by a journalist to comment on the findings of a survey that names flight delays and cancellations as the primary causes of stress for Argentinian business travelers. 57% of respondents from my country experience anxiety. They’re not alone. The same survey revealed that 93% of business travelers worldwide worry about the logistics of business travel.

Being a frequent traveler myself, I know the importance of having access to cutting-edge technology, and the best people behind it. If something occurs, I have complete peace of mind knowing that I can get the help I need, fast.

Let me share with you some other tips I use to get around potential complications, so I can focus on what's important. 

1. Factor in buffer time - If your meeting is crucial,  arrive at your destination well in advance, and leave enough of a margin on either side of your appointment. I normally fly the day before an important meeting so that if there's a delay or cancellation, I can find a suitable alternative.

2Know who can help you - Keep your travel management company’s contact details to hand. There are an awful lot of variables that can affect your trip. It’s important that you have someone to contact immediately if something goes wrong.

3. Know your policy - Your company will have a travel policy that covers delays and cancellations but they can’t help you if you’re not aware of the policy, or re-book outside of it.

4. Avoid transit trouble - Keep an eye on your connecting time. Can you get to your next plane even if the first one is delayed? Are there later flights that you can book in case you miss your connection? Knowing this information will help you to avoid getting stuck midway.

5. Use travel apps - In case of delays, an app like CWT To Go, our awarded mobile app is an invaluable resource. It lets me search alternative flights, as well as get updates and alerts on changing itineraries. Another feature I adore is the ability to share updates. If I’m going to be late, I can email my new schedule to clients, colleagues, and family.

Blog Author: Florencia Scardaccione, South Latam Director, Carlson Wagonlit Travel