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Know the Drill: The future of energy, resources and marine (ERM)

Blog post   •   Sep 12, 2018 10:28 GMT

“The formula for success,” said industrialist and founder of Getty Oil company John Paul Getty, “is to rise early, work hard, strike oil.”

If only life were so simple. It’s been a challenging few years for the energy, resource and marine industry. Business is looking up but plenty could still go wrong.

We expect continued growth in energy, metals and minerals commodities, as well as shipping but geopolitical tensions, including around trade and Brexit, and a host of new and untested governments - could throw this positive trajectory off-course

Well that’s all very well but how does one navigate the ‘new normal?’ Find out with the   2019 Energy, Resources and Marine travel forecast , launched today in a new, interactive format.

Get insight into the issues impacting the industry:

  • The future of travel, by region
  • Price forecasts
  • Insight into renewables, the fastest growing energy market in the world
  • Houston: A model of diversification
  • Expert views on safety and security

Download the full report here.

Blog author: Raphaël Pasdeloup, Senior Vice President, CWT Energy, Resources & Marine